About Pioneer Energy

Pioneer Energy is a licensed retail electricity provider to customers for their homes and small businesses. Pioneer Energy has a talented team of industry experts behind it to create powerful electricity solutions for customers.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, it is our goal to use our management and technical expertise to provide unbeatable electricity savings and solutions. We believe that our customers can benefit from our electricity services. Let us show you why we are the premier electricity choice for Texas. Energy should be simple and we're doing our part to make sure it is simple for our customers.

Shaheen Momin


Shaheen founded Pioneer Energy after building expertise in the energy industry. As the President and CEO of Pioneer Energy, Shaheen will create and implement strategy to ensure the versatility and adaptability of the company. He will also impart his knowledge of the competitive landscape to promote the best opportunities for customer satisfaction and value positioning.

Before joining Pioneer Energy, Shaheen had founded and led multiple companies gaining a strong business acumen in numerous industries. His industry background includes the energy industry, international logistics, renewable and environmental services.

Shaheen has developed a keen entrepreneurial sense along with his experience in investing and energy. This experience makes him acutely aware of the risks and benefits of the industry to make energy choice competitive for Pioneer Energy.

Ahmed Malik

Vice President/COO

Ahmed is the Chief Operations Officer for Pioneer Energy. Ahmed has more than 15 years of experience in the retail electricity industry as an executive. In his role as COO, Ahmed will oversee the operations and efficiency of programs for Pioneer Energy. He will use his skills and expertise to adjust company operations to promote success of procedures and policies. Ahmed will ensure Pioneer Energy’s practices create convenient user experience while generating competitive value for customers.

Before joining Pioneer Energy, Ahmed acted as the Energy & Commodity Consultant for Whitewater Financials LLC and a Director at Tara Energy. His industry background includes natural gas and electricity, commodity trend analysis, A/R, and customer service.

Ahmed has accumulated an array of industry knowledge and experience for the commodities market. Acting in diverse fundamental roles throughout his tenure he brings a holistic skillset to the Pioneer Energy team.



We are a licensed retail electricity provider to customers for their homes and small businesses. At Pioneer Energy we have a mission to provide customers with great electricity savings. We believe that energy deregulation gives customers the power to choose a retail energy provider with options – and we definitely have those.

Energy should be simple and we’re doing our part to make sure it is simple for our customers. Enroll with one of our great competitive rates today!

Customer Power

Thanks to legislation that deregulated the energy industry in Texas – customers now have the opportunity to save big. Choosing a competitive energy rate can really add up over time. So it is important to choose a retail electric provider with competitive rates so you can reap the full benefits of a low electric bill.

Take control of your energy costs and learn about Pioneer Energy’s electricity products.