Energy Investments That Pay Off

Energy Savings            Making a few small changes can have a major beneficial impact on your energy consumption. Some changes you can do right now without any money out of pocket. Some changes require a small investment. Other changes will require a larger investment, but all of these changes mean in the long run, you’ll be saving more money than you are investing.

If you’re looking to upgrade some outdated appliances, look for Energy Star certified appliances. These appliances have been tested and determined to use at least 20% less electricity than uncertified appliances. Any Energy Star products that have the “Most Efficient” label means they are at least 30% more efficient than uncertified appliances. By replacing a refrigerator that is at least 10 years old with one that is Energy Star certified, you can save about $100 per year on your electricity use.

Switching over to energy efficient light bulbs can yield a lot of savings. Each incandescent bulb you replace with a CFL bulb can save you $6 per year on your energy bill. Replacing 30 bulbs throughout your home could save you up to $180 in electricity. Switching to LED bulbs can net you even more savings, as they are even more efficient than CFLs. LED bulbs tend to last about 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, produce the same amount of light, don’t produce nearly as much heat, and use very little electricity.

In the kitchen, you can make your stove tops more efficient by using the right size pots and pans. Using an oversized pot or pan to boil water or cook food takes much longer to heat up. By using the correct size pot or pan, you can save $36 per year with electric ranges and $18 per year with gas stoves. Keeping pots covered will also aid in making your stove more efficient, and they’ll keep your kitchen cooler while cooking; a bonus for the coming summer months.

If you install solar panels on your home, look into government rebates for your investment. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) lists available rebates by state so you can find any that apply to you.


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